I will manage and maintain your website on monthly basis

  1. Any Minor customization on the existing theme.
  2. If it is a dropship website, i will setup dropship plugin
  3. Setup analytics for tracking traffic (Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics etc)
  4. On-page SEO of all pages.
  5. Inventory and order management
  6. Any contents that needs to be added or modified(About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc)
  7. Complete backup of files and database
  8. Updating plugins and extensions
  9. Any modifications or fixes required in site (Any website related problem)
  1. CRM Handling
  2. Email & Chat Handling
  1. Offpage SEO/Link Building
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Google Ads, Facebook Ad Campaigns Management and/or any other advertisement platform



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Shoaib Sheikh 786

Shoaib Sheikh 786

I’m a Developer & Server Administrator. I’m an enthusiastic, creative designer with 7+ years experience. I have varied industry experience including corporate c